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    The average UK Internet user spends 25 hours each week online.

    How much time per week do you spend just sitting, scrolling?
    Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter.
    Procrastinating, envying, dreaming, escaping.
    Think how much closer to your goals, to health and to happiness by changing that one simple behaviour.


    Give your Internet use a productive purpose and make 2017 the year you meet your goals, instead of endlessly scrolling


    How does it work?

    No deactivation - we won't make you sign out of your accounts.

    No detox - scheduled device blackouts aren't for us.

    Just one daily task - free in your inbox, for 10 days.


    One email sent to your inbox every day for 10 days, featuring a 10 minute task for you to complete.


    The Internet, social media and technology bring amazing things into our lives.
    We don't want to get rid of them. We just need to make sure they're making our lives better as we want them to.
    Creativity, productivity, inspiration, optimisation - our tech is meant to work for us. And the 10 Day #StopScrolling Challenge will make sure it does.


    Build a healthy relationship with technology so that you can build your productive dream lifestyle.

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    Sounds counter-intuitive - but remembering the challenge when you start scrolling will help you STOP. (If you want to. Which we assume you do. Why else would you be here?!)


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  • Who are we?

    The #StopScrolling challenge was set up by two friends - a counsellor and a digital strategist - after a casual lunch conversation. They've enjoyed it so much that they've started working together on even more productivity and digital balance and mindfulness initiatives, including training programmes and consultancy. They're even working on a book on the subject - due out in 2018.


    Jess and Zoë are running lots of events around the themes #StopScrolling addresses in 2017, as well as running workshops and giving talks at conferences, workplaces and more. If you'd like to get involved at your workplace or at an event you're running, email hello@alt-together.com

    You can find out more about Jess and Zoë here: